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I'm just done. My dad was diagnosed with aml back in February, was supposed to have a transplant by July. He refused any help for his drinking or cigarette smoking, refuses the patch, refuses counseling, and now he's blaming his doctors for not telling him when he should have quit drinking and smoking. He is really trying to claim that because they did not give him a date of transplant, that that is why he didn't give them a sobriety date. Because that's how transplants work. He did stop drinking about a month ago but I mean...still. The other day his transplant doc called to discuss taking him off the list and trying alternative methods, so my dad lied and said he had already quit smoking. He's currently on the porch having a Marlboro Red, and I am just done. Not only all of this, but he's been nasty. My entire life this man has been an entitled person and all of the worst of it is coming through right now. He won't do anything to help himself. Also, he keeps leaving shit stains on everything and getting offended when we are grossed out, which unfortunately is nothing new but now it's much much worse. Has anyone else had a similar experience with a family member like this??

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