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Hi everyone,
My 18-month old niece was diagnosed with ALL B-Cell over the weekend, she started her first chemo treatment yesterday. She lives about six hours away and with covid protocols I know that I won’t be able to visit her in-person much for the foreseeable future.
That being said, I need to feel useful. I need to be doing SOMETHING to take my mind off the absolute shit luck the universe doles out sometimes.
My sister asked me to research humidifiers that are easy to clean, and I’ve found a few on Amazon that look promising — but figured I might as well consult the experts. Does anyone have a brand/model that’s worked really well for them? Or thoughts on ways that I can help from afar?
I was thinking about making her a little superhero cape she can wear to her chemo appointments that can be turned around so it’s a warm blanket to help keep her comfortable during her appointments. Is that a well-meaning but ultimately pointless gesture?
Thank you for any words of wisdom.

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Careful follow-up after cancer treatment helps doctors find and treat any late effects as early as possible. The follow-up schedule depends on many things, including the type of cancer the child had, the treatments used, the risk of late effects from those treatments, and other factors such as the patient’s age, amount of chemotherapy or radiation given, and how long it has been since treatment was completed .
Each child getting cancer treatment is unique. The treatments used vary from child to child and from one type of cancer to another. Other things that can affect a child’s risk include:

The type of cancer
Where the cancer was in the body
How old the child was when treated
The child’s overall health before the cancer
The child’s genetic make-up (inherited risk for certain health problems)

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